Echo Trans World is definitely a scam

Originally Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 11:17 am

Echo Trans World
is definitely a scam
There is no doubt about it.
Let me summarize the facts about my experience of shipping my car with Echo Trans World.
The estimated delivery time was 5-7 weeks but it turned out to be 3 1/2 months
No plausible explanation for the delay was given; most of my emails were ignored
The container and the car were infested with spiders and needed to be fumigated

Because of Echo Trans World’s negligence I was charged for the pest control
The car was severely damaged: two wheels were ruined, two tires were flat and damages, there were dents and scratches in the body and the inside and outside of the car was extremely dirty.
It looked like it had been used as a container for other goods to save space and money for Echo Trans World.
On top of it, my license plates with valid registration were gone and never showed up again

Since I paid Echo Trans World for extra insurance, I demanded compensation for the damages but my messages were completely ignored



Echo Trans World Breaking contract, Fraud

Echo Trans World, Reliable Moving Money milking, breaking contract and fraud New York New York
Echo Trans World, Reliable Moving
Echo Trans World Inc, 1430 Broadway, Suit 1301,
New York New York 10018
Phone: 877-3246222

Originally Posted: Tuesday, December 04, 2007 by Eva Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany

We moved with Echo Trans World in July, 2007 from Los Angeles to southern Germany.
On top of the paid contract prize Echo Trans World was money milking us from the day on our items were in the container, even broke points of our the contract with us.
Echo Trans World is a company which is just constantly trying to get away with their incredible unscrupulous manners, because the number of people filing a lawsuit is smaller than the profit Echo Trans World World is making , esp with private people getting fished by their promises.
At the end we waited 11 1/2 weeks for our belongings.
We are a family of 4 with two young boys, living on the bare floor for almost 3 months.

Echo Trans World has a partner in Rotterdam, and until now we tried to deal only with them.
After being hold off for weeks by “Reliable Moving” they now insists, we have to file our claims with Echo Trans World.
Both groups are unbelievable – if insulting is part of their job, they are doing this part very good.

Here are some facts:
We had to pay the additional $550 after just 3 days, the container was still in the port of L.A
They tried to wrap us into the demurrage – roll over confusion, pointing out that we are German and have to believe their better knowledge. (Please see Jennifer’s complaint for further information).
Like with Jennifer they took our belongings hostage and we were forced to pay.

Our contract included unwrapping and setting up the furniture in our new home as well as the disposal of our used boxes and wrapping material.
Echo Trans World Partner, Reliable Moving, refused to do any of this, claiming this was not in THEIR contract with Echo Trans World.

Our belongings were reloaded onto trucks in Rotterdam by their partner, Echo Trans World never inform us that this could happen.
We assumed the loaded container would arrive at our new home as it did when we had moved to the US. Otherwise we would always have purchased an insurance.
Items got lost and damaged, as three full households were squeezed into two smaller sized trucks.
The “reliable” movers did not know what item belonged to which party with the result that we now have a huge box which owned by someone else.
We told Reliable Movers about it and what is inside, but there appears to be no effort at all on their side to inform the true owners. We on the other hand, are still missing some boxes.

We are exploring our options to get compensation are very interested in coordinating our efforts with other victims of Echo Trans World.

Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany

Echo Trans World Inc- SCAM + FRAUD

Post subject: Re: Echo Trans World Inc- SCAM + FRAUD
Originally Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 3:01 am

This company Echo Trans World has turned out to be a total scam.
Stealing my goods and money and have taken way above what was agreed.
Even after payment done and agreement to pay much more just to have my goods, they’re continuously playing games (claiming they made accounting mistakes, adding costs, not providing correct invoices, not proceeding with shipment, demanding we sign a notarized letter stating that we would not sue them etc.) to take more money.
They are not shipping my goods after taking them.
I’m taking legal action against Echo Trans World and charge them for abuse, fraud, theft, inconvenience and more.

I appreciate any support in busting this company and its people and stopping these thieves abusing and stealing from others as was done with me and other customers already


Originally posted: Thursday July 20, 2006
Posted by Maui Mike at 5:09 PM 

Well, I never thought I would blog, but life here has been so interesting, I just felt compelled to do so.
I am retro-fitting this blog so I can go back to the beginning; now that I finally decided to do this.

In my move to the island of Maui, I used the Internet exclusively.
Lord, how in the world we existed without the Internet, I will never know.
Anyway, I was able to use the Internet to find job prospects, a temporary place to live, and moving/shipping companies for my car and personal belongings.
Now then, as for moving your personal belongings, let me give you a piece of advice.
From my own experience. Sell everything you can and start over.
It will be a lot less hassle and save you money.
Pack whatever you can in your suitcases and use UPS or FedEx to ship your other necessities.
There may be one or two in the U.S. that will treat you fair, but you will roll the dice.
Check out and you will see what I mean.

Absolutely, positively, DO NOT USE ECHO TRANS WORLD; web address
They low bid and once they have your belongings in their possession, all of a sudden the SCAM begins.
 They will up the price (mine more than doubled), because, as they put it, they have to box your stuff and pack it a certain way.
All of a sudden, what once was about 250 cubic feet became 511 cubic feet. And once they have you by the ….well, what can you do?
You need your stuff, as quickly as possible. So you have to pay the ransom! And, you must pay the TOTAL BILL before they will even think about letting your belongings leave the mainland.
After all of that, my belongings were damaged.
Not just a little bit, a lot!
The only furniture I sent was my bedroom furniture.
Every piece was damaged and/or marred. Absolutly incredible.
My plastic shipping bins? Half or more were damaged or broken in pieces.
My wardrobe boxes? Crushed like accordions.
It was like they didn’t ship it by boat; they just flew over the island and dropped it from the plane at 10,000 feet!
I left in mid-may and it is now late into July and I am still fighting with them on the damage.
I doubt if I will ever get anything resolved with them.
They have stopped corresponding back with me.

I have filed complaints with the FTC, BBB, and ever other company I can think of.
I am screwed. Do not make the same mistake!

Well, now that I vented (this blogging stuff is good for the soul), I will end my first blog.
Until next time.

Echo Trans World is a Scam

Post subject: Re: Echo Trans World Inc
Originally Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 11:08 pm 

Thank God that this website has helped exposed moving companies like Echo trans world for what they really are.
They simply sub contract people they find off the street in NYC. Minimum wage is what they pay these poor blokes.
Dan Cohen or whatever his name really is, likes to threaten people (shows lack of education & diplomacy)
I would never recommend this company again .

They prefer to overprice their customers for what they think their goods are worth.
They like to pad their bill with bogus weight claims & factious charges.

Echo Trans World Where’s my stuff

Post subject: Echo Trans World Inc- Where’s my stuff?
Originally Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 11:43 pm    

This company Echo Trans World has had my household goods since 5/25/2006.
 They won’t reply to my emails, when I do get them on the phone (rarely do I get a person to talk to) they tell me that they’ve contacted the company in Mexico who has my things, or that they’ve sent me an email with all the details I asked for.
All I get is a run around.
I’m filing complaints with the NY State Attorney General.
If you have a choice between this company and anyone else…..take a chance on the other guy.

Echo Trans World

This is a Blog about Echo Trans World, a New York corporation involved in the shipping of household goods overseas. Over its short period of operation, Echo Trans World caused unacceptable hardship to its unfortunate customers. Echo Trans World style of operation is of a great concern and must be addressed. If you are a victim of Echo Trans World, please help in restraining this organization by posting your story

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